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Worcester Blazin' Red--Looking For A Permanent Home! Adopted!

Of all the Worcester horses, this has to be my favorite.  Red was the hardest horse to catch at the farm, and the first day in her foster home, she removed her halter herself and hasn't been caught since!! I like a horse with brains and spunk and that has to be Red! My feeling is that she is about 5 yrs old--not because I can open her mouth, but because I have been able to lift her lip briefly as she steals a carrot out of my hand. One of the prettiest horses, she has a perfect star on her forehead. She is about 15hh and I think she will end up 15-2 or 15-3hh. She has an amazing trot and a beautiful canter which I have marveled at, as she high-tails it away from me, having eaten every scrap of grain in my hand, every carrot in my pocket, and every bit of apple I have brought to bribe her.  Needless to say, she will be going to the trainer next, as it is such a shame to waste all this athleticism and energy. I will have to update this page as to how we actually capture her to trailer her there!

Update: Red jumped on Archie's stock trailer like a pro, rode to Danville, and is now munching hay in a Merryheart stall.  She will be adoptable in one month's time after learning about a halter, leadrope, longe line and how enjoyable it is to be brushed, as well as other basic lessons. Horses love to learn new things, and Red is a quick study!  She is a stellar horse and someone will be very lucky to have her!





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