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The Worcester Herd

In May 2013 I was contacted by a woman, overwhelmed by her horses and needing help.  There were stallions running loose with the mares, and a variety of horses of all ages. The horses were breaking out of the fence and because there is a major route beside the farm as well as neighborhood houses, there was the worry of highway accidents and injuries to both humans and horses.  All the animals were thin, and unhandled. Though not aggressive, they were fearful and none could be caught. 

 In an amazing show of community support, volunteers met at the farm with donated halters, lead ropes, tubular round pen gates, and grain.  Two local veterinarians, Dr. Stuwe and Dr. Sequist, donated their time and expertise to castrate the stallions, vaccinate all, deworm all, delouse all, and take coggins tests.  Because the horses could not be caught, a tranquilizer gun expert was able to consistently hit the horses with sedative medication enough that the veterinarians could approach and sedate them further so they could be treated.  

 In another amazing show of support, horse trailers were gathered, and as each sub-herd was subdued enough to load, the horses were taken to foster farms where they have been fed and cared for.  Because the horses are unhandled and untrained, they have been sent two by two to a trainer who has been taming, haltering, leading, longeing, saddling and mounting. The horses will be adopted out to permanent and loving homes. 

 People who have been following this situation have been incredibly generous in terms of sending money, and in the case of Guy's Farm and Yard donating food, brushes, halters, leads, and other supplies.

Though Horses Home Again is not a non-profit yet, it soon will be, as there apppears to be local need. PETS of the Kingdom, P O Box 111, Derby, Vt. 05829 is accepting donations on behalf of the Worcester Horses and will issue a charitable donation receipt to all who donate. They will then disburse to maintain the Worcester Horses. Donations can be also sent directly to me, Rebecca Williams, 4458 Stowe Hollow Rd., Stowe, Vt. 05672 for no charitable donation receipt, but accepted with great appreciation.

This money will be used for food and training until all the horses are adopted. To see the Worcester Horses available for adoption, scroll to the main menu and look for the Worcester prefix.

The horses range in age from a year old to 5-6 yrs. old. All are Morgan Standardbred crosses.  They are lovely, with wonderful gaits.  At the trot they exhibit the vertical flashiness of the Morgan, but also the ground-eating extension of the Standardbred. Both the trot and the canter appear to be unusually smooth. They will be amazing pleasure/trail horses, driving horses, competitive trail horses, eventers.  If interested in adopting, please contact me at  Experienced horse people and serious inquiries only please. These horses have been through a lot, and need stability and committed homes. 

Now, I invite you to go to the main menu and meet the Worcester Horses!  Thank you for your interest!



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