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Neglect and Cruelty

Neglect and cruelty are hard to define, but you know it when you come across it.

If you see an emaciated animal with no food or water available, it is cruelty and neglect, whether the animal is in a barn or outside. You should write down what you see, the date, the location, and if possible take pictures. Most cell phones take great pictures. Your complaint should go to the State Police. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact your local humane society. They can lodge a complaint with the State Police without naming you.  However, the humane society cannot enforce the neglect and cruelty laws.  The state department of agriculture cannot enforce the neglect and cruelty laws. The state veterinarian cannot enforce the neglect and cruelty laws. The local veterinarian cannot enforce the neglect and cruelty laws.  The police are the only ones who can enforce your state's cruelty and neglect laws, and they are the ones who should receive the complaint.

In Vermont for more information, go to

Another great organization is  



 Buck Brannaman: Offering horses better people.

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