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Recently I was contacted by a lady wishing me to adopt out her Kentucky Gaited Horse. Maya was a beautiful buckskin mare, about 12 yrs of age, who had the worst ground manners imagineable. She had a habit of hitting you with her shoulder, bouncing you off her hip, and then as you lost your balance, dragging you around the dooryard on your stomach. She was opinionated, bullish, headstrong, and my nickname for her was Rude Maya.

Though I do not usually take in horses, Rude Maya caught my eye, and I told the lady I would take her, have her rehabilitated, and find her a forever home.

She arrived in Vermont scary fat--though she had not yet foundered, she was well on the way. My introduction to her came as she dragged the trucker off the trailer, and proceeded to tip him over, then drag him down the driveway.

After a month with my trainer (my best kept secret trainer), Maya was put in work, lost weight, and started to learn some manners. I then introduced Maya to Sue. The introduction took place at GMHA where Sue rode Maya for 12 miles, and fell in love. Maya now lives with Sue, is 100% more polite, jumps on the trailer every weekend to go on adventures, and may be the happiest horse I know.




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