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Frequent Questions

Why did you make this website? 

I have worked for an equine veterinary practice in Northern Vermont since 1980. Over time, many people have asked me to either find them a horse, or place a horse. I thought it would be fun to make a cyber stable full of wonderful animals.

Are all these horses free? 

Most are to be given away.  Some require a nominal fee, or negotiable sales price. The requirement for all of them is a good home placement.

Where do these horses come from? 

Most have been in families.  Either the children grew up and went away to college, or there is a change in life circumstances, ie moving away, or drop in income, etc. which causes the owner to have to rehome the horse.


Change in Policy

Starting Oct. 1, 2013, there will be a 20.00 annual fee for posting horses on Horses Home Again. I started this website with the idea of helping horses find new homes, and that people who adopted, or people who were able to rehome their horses would optionally donate. What I found was that people who did neither would donate, and that many of the people utilizing the site did not. The original idea was that any money gathered through rehoming horses would go to help other, less fortunate horses.  The reality is that there are far more horses in need than money to care for them.  The rescue of the Worcester herd has been very costly and has emptied the Horses Home Again coffers. 

Therefore I have decided to make Horses Home Again a non-profit corporation and aggressively fundraise.  As part of that effort, I am now requesting an annual 20.00 fee for listing horses to be rehomed.  It is easy  to do, just use the Paypal button on the website, or send direct to Horses Home Again, 4458 Stowe Hollow Rd., Stowe, Vt. 05672 Your 20.00 will keep your horse on the site for 12 months or until it is adopted within that time.  There will be no refund of money, even if your horse is adopted instantly off the site, which has happened more than once!

On Oct. 1, 2013, I will be editing the site, and any listings not renewed and accompanied by the 20.00 feel will be removed from the site. Though I am sad to do this, as I feel asking for money tarnishes the pure intent of trying to help horses, I have found that it takes financial support to shelter, feed, and maintain horses in dire straits, and there are many more horses in that situation than I at first realized.

Since March 2012 this site has received over 21,000 visitors, there are over 200 site members, over 100 horses have been adopted off the site, and over 30 horses are currently listed on the site.  Your mandatory listing fee and/or additional donation enable you to reach a wide audience not only through the actual site, but also through Facebook and the many horse groups on Facebook, as well as my interactive services through being an equine technician in Northern Vermont.

I thank you for your continued support, and will do my utmost to help your horses find happy homes, while always in my thoughts are those shadow horses who have nowhere to go. 


Please write me with other questions, and I will try to answer them on this page.


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