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Horses Home Again,Inc. A Vermont non-profit and a Federal 501 (c) (3) Corporation

 A place in Northern Vermont where horses find loving homes.


Horses Home Again is a way to connect people looking for homes for their horses with people looking for horses. It is a bulletin board, a place to post ads. The horses stay with their owners until the owner evaluates interested parties and decides where the best possible place would be for the horse. Communication between horse owner and horse adopter is strictly between the two. Horses Home Again is not responsible for any agreement between the two parties. There is a nominal fee for the ad and the networking that Horses Home Again does, to get these horses placed in adoptive homes.The only deviation from this policy happens when a law enforcement agency asks for help in a situation where horses in dire straits are relinquished, or an owner, faced with legal action, asks for help. In this case, Horses Home Again uses money generated from the adoption ads, and donations, and provides resources, ie transportion of horses, facilitation in placing horses in good foster homes, fundraising, provision of money for medical care and food, and ultimately networking to find homes for the animals, once the legal process has occurred.

Horses Home Again is NOT an onsite shelter, and, in general, it does not take in animals, unless the horse has no other place to go. In such a case, Horses Home Again will provide food and shelter onsite, until an appropriate foster or adoptive home can be found.




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